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 Randen Banuelos
 Narrative & Level Designer

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The Escape Artist
Unity 3D

Creative Director / Head Developer
Narrative-Driven Puzzle Exploration

Venture through your deceased father's increasingly surreal, expanding house as you uncover his dark past.


ARIA v.2
Unreal Engine 4 VR

Narrative Designer / Dialogue Writer
Narrative-Driven Puzzle VR Game

Take the helm of an awry space ship escape pod with the help of your glitchy A.I. assistant.


Unity 3D

Systems & Level Designer
3D Puzzle-Exploration Stealth Game

Sneak through an Inquisition-riddled Spanish town inspired by the
macabre works of Francisco Goya.


Social Moth
Unity 2D

Dialogue Writer / Character Designer
2D Platformer

Navigate an illustrated, bug-themed world as you run from the physical manifestation of your social anxiety.


Larger Than Light
Unity 3D

Narrative Designer / Dialogue Writer
Narrative-Driven 3D "Co-Op" Platformer

Control siblings Lux and Skia across shadow-bending obstacles in a nightmarish middle school.


There You Are
Unreal Engine 4 3D

Narrative Designer / Dialogue Writer
Narrative-Driven "Walking Simulator"

Try to make amends between a widowed father and his grieving daughter in this papercraft-inspired game.

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