video game projects

ARIA v.2 (December 2021 - Present)
Narrative Designer / Dialogue Writer
An interactive VR experience originally created by Rong Deng, Xin Ye, Rui Huang, & Cheng GuoARIA v.2 seeks to expand on the narrative universe and unique galactic-steampunk aesthetics of the original game. Pilot an escape pod with the help of your quirky AI co-pilot ARIA, uncovering what lies beneath the surface of her digital façade.
Re-releasing Summer 2022

  • Re-structuring narrative beats to create a more emotionally impactful story and melancholic ending

  • Editing & adding dialogue alongside Adam Morina to better develop ARIA's personality and the game's world

Impasto (June 2021 - May 2022)
Systems & Level Designer
A game by Alex Tomkow, Impasto delves into the late works of Spanish artist Francisco Goya, taking place in a unified world comprised of his Black Paintings, where the player must venture to find their destiny amidst decimation by ethereal forces and the Spanish Inquisition.
Full Release in Late June 2022, Early Access Version now on


  • Designed & playtested for stealth, death, and checkpoint systems

  • Made accessibility & difficulty changes based on usability reports

  • Emphasized worldbuilding through combining Goya's writings with NPC encounters throughout the game

Social Moth (August 2021 - May 2022)
Dialogue Writer / Character Designer
A USC Advanced Game Project led by Ben Heid, Social Moth infuses the classic gameplay of a platformer with a complex web of unique, multi-faceted characters in a world of beetles. Help Moth overcome their debilitating social anxiety by interacting with this world of insectoid characters while running away from the physical manifestation of dread.


  • Wrote branching dialogue that changes based on Moth's mental state, opening up or closing later interactions

  • Designed characters with complex relationship webs and unique backgrounds

Larger Than Light (August 2020 - May 2021)
Narrative Designer / Dialogue Writer
Taking platforming to the next level, Larger Than Light, directed by Meha Magesh, looks at the troubled relationship between siblings Lux and Skia as they make their way out of an abandoned school possessed by an cryptic shadow entity. Use the power of Lux's lightbulb head to create new paths for Skia to traverse in her shadow form, all while trying to come to terms with their insecurities.

IndieCade 2021: Best Narrative Nominee

Intel University Games Showcase 2021: Best Gameplay - 2nd Place

  • Lead script writer, focused on character backgrounds & relationship building

  • Designed narrative arc over the course of five levels and multiple cutscenes, alongside narrative designer Alex Garcia

There You Are (August 2020 - May 2021)
Narrative Designer / Dialogue Writer
There You Are looks into the strained relationship of Su and her newly partnered father years after the unfortunate passing of her mother. Taking inspiration from Life Is Strange and What Remains of Edith Finch, this award-winning USC MFA project led by Rong Deng explores complex personalities and relationships set in a beautiful, paper-cut world.

EVA DIGITAL 2021: Best Art

Urban Mediamakers Festival (UMF) 2021: Best Game Winner

Moscow Russia International Film Festival: Best Video Game

  • Wrote multi-act script alongside USC film writer Adam Morina

  • Branching dialogue & multiple endings reflect Su's interactions with her father and their eventual fate

Fractal (June 2020 - August 2020)
Solo Developer
A modern interactive fiction game, Fractal is a thrilling sci-fi journey following the amnesiac scientist Simon, who finds himself trapped in an enigmatic institution as a test subject. With two different story arcs to choose from, each with their own branching endings depending on Simon's brutality towards others, Fractal combines narrative intrigue and existential questioning into one engaging experience.

  • Designed narrative arc with diverging conversation points and branching exploration

  • Programmed the entire game in Twine

  • Conducted playtests to refine narrative and gameplay flow


The branching narrative flow chart for Fractal, with nine different endings, several NPC encounters with diverse outcomes, and "reality glitches" that arise as the player unlocks more endings