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 Randen Banuelos
 Narrative & Level Designer

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Larger Than Light | Unity 3D


A USC Advanced Game Project led by Meha Magesh

Taking platforming to the next level, Larger Than Light looks at the troubled relationship between siblings Lux and Skia as they make their way out of an abandoned school possessed by an cryptic shadow entity. Use the power of Lux's lightbulb head to create new paths for Skia to traverse in her shadow form, all while trying to come to terms with their insecurities.

IndieCade 2021: Best Narrative Nominee
Intel University Games Showcase 2021: Best Gameplay - 2nd Place




  • Role: Narrative Designer & Dialogue Writer

  • Software Used: Unity 3D

  • Genres: Eerie, Puzzle-Platformer

  • Estimated Play Time: ~20 Minutes

  • Team Size: 40 People

  • Development Time: 
    August 2020 - May 2021 (9 Months)

  • Available On: PC


Narrative Designer & Dialogue Writer Responsibilities

  • Lead script writer, focused on character backgrounds & relationship building

  • Designed narrative arc over the course of five levels and multiple cutscenes, alongside narrative designer Alex Garcia



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