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 Randen Banuelos
 Narrative & Systems Designer

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Impasto | Unity 3D


A USC Advanced Game Project led by Alex Tomkow

Impasto delves into the late works of Spanish artist Francisco Goya, taking place in a unified world comprised of his Black Paintings, where the player must venture to find their destiny amidst decimation by ethereal forces and the Spanish Inquisition.



  • Role: Systems & Level Designer

  • Software Used: Unity 3D

  • Genres: Dark, Stealth, Adventure

  • Estimated Play Time: ~30 Minutes

  • Team Size: 40 People

  • Development Time: 
    June 2021 - May 2022 (11 Months)

  • Available On: PC


Systems & Level Designer Responsibilities

  • Grayboxed opening level in Blender, then collaborated with other designers in implementing level in Unity

  • Designed and documented several gameplay mechanics, including AI perception, checkpoints, and stealth systems

  • Implemented a timed falling platform mechanic in C#

  • Collaborated with art team to polish levels’ golden paths while maintaining moody lighting and historical accuracy



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