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 Randen Banuelos
 Narrative & Level Designer

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About Me

Mini FAQ

Mini FAQ

This is a short, FAQ-style rundown about me!

What first got you interested in games?

  • I got hooked on games with the Nintendo Wii in my early childhood, spending hours on end playing MySims games

  • I started really analyzing games in my mid-teens, enthralled by story-rich, world-bending games like The Stanley Parable and What Remains of Edith Finch

What do you like most about making games?

  • For me, games are some of the best ways of telling a story, and it's my goal in life to tell amazing stories

    • Thus, I'm drawn largely to narrative and level design, as these two disciplines help fundamentally shape the player's experience traversing and understanding a digital world​

Where are you based?

  • Currently, I'm working in the Orange County area around Irvine, California

    • I'm willing to relocate under the right circumstances, but I would require assistance with the moving process!​

Favorite Games, Books, & Movies

I feel that you can tell a lot about a person's interests and personality from their favorite media, so here's some of mine!

Favorite Games, Books, & Movies


When I'm not doing game development or 3-D modeling, here's what I like doing!

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